Creative Independence For Xbox First-Party Studios Has Worked In Microsoft’s Favor

Earlier this year Microsoft decided to include a bunch of promising first-party studios to their company as they were lacking in that department. Since the acquisition of these Xbox first-party studios, many were starting to believe that Microsoft would end up snatching their individual essence. However, the GM of Marketing at Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg establishes that very independence to work freely has made the Xbox first-party studios a success.

Aaron Greenberg discussed with MCVUK about the Xbox first-party studios being a valuable addition to Microsoft:

“If you think about the teams we acquired, these folks are best in class, they make really high-quality games, but the games they make are very different to our existing franchises. Of course, Playground is making Horizon, but they’re also going to have a second team making something entirely different. We have a center of excellence in the UK, we have Rare, we now have Ninja Theory and Playground, and those teams can work together to share tech and infrastructure, that has a lot of benefits.”

Aaron expressed that the company always regarded for the Xbox first-party studios to have a bigger and better platform just to work out their own ideas and keep their individual objectives undisturbed by Microsoft along the way:

“This was first and foremost about finding the world’s greatest teams, who can bring new types of content to our first-party studios, and allow them to continue to operate independently. If you think about a game like Hellblade, how many big companies would have greenlit a game like that? But it’s brilliant and it addresses a lot of important issues. Those are the types of teams that really inspire us and it’s a privilege to be able to work with them. For them to become part of our team provides financial security, access to resources and tech capabilities, and still the creative independence to go and do what they want to do. These teams they would have never wanted to partner and work with us if that wasn’t part of the conditions. I think we have a good track record of doing that: look at Mojang, which has stayed independent and stayed focused.”

Xbox first-party studios have only made Microsoft crave for more initiative like this, as Arron suggested:

“It’s an exciting time, we’ve essentially doubled our creative studios overnight, and it just shows that commitment to invest more.”

Meanwhile, Greenberg also discussed the possibilities of Microsoft in the coming times while remembering the past events that have shaped their current situation.