Xbox X018 Conference Might Have Something For Halo Infinite Fans

Just recently the Xbox head, Phill Spencer has announced the Xbox X018 Conference. Now where there is quite a lot in terms of announcements, Halo Infinite is something that seems to trigger a major excitement.

The Xbox X018 Conference will take place at the Mexico City Xbox FanFest. Apart from that Microsoft has quite a lot of stuff to be featured at the conference. From “news to first looks to surprises” all have been promised. So there is quite a lot of excitement among fans already.

These new looks and surprises will be featured during the Xbox show which takes place from 3 pm to 5 pm CDT on Saturday, October 10th. Moreover, Xbox will be hosting both first and third party announcements during the show.

Considering the past held Xbox X0 events, there have been announcements like Fable and Halo 2 in 2002. So this seems to point out that perhaps, we might get something interesting at the event regarding Halo Infinite. Most probably somthing related to design philosophy of the game or perhaps we might get to see some concept art.

Another more interesting thing that Microsoft will be doing is very much similar to what Sony has been doing for past several years. While Xbox will be live streaming this Xbox X018 Conference throughout the weekend, there will be additional news as well. This additional news will be the news that will not be shown during the Inside Xbox show.

The aim of this is to capitalize on the fan-focused events similar to that Sony has held in the past. Finally, Microsoft is learning a thing or two in the marketing sector from others.

For information, PSX is an event organized by Sony every year since 2014 and with this Xbox X018 Conference announced, it could actually rival Sony’s event. To the least, some healthy marketing competition is in order that is for sure.

Having said that we can also expect some other announcements as well from the studios which Microsoft has recently acquired, like the Undead Labs who may say something about their State of Decay, or Ninja Theory regarding Hellblade. Perhaps a new announcement from Compulsion Games who recently released We Happy Few.