The Walking Dead Season One Alternate Ending Is Ridiculously Fun

The Walking Dead season one features one of the most emotional video game endings ever. However, turns out there is an alternative ending to the Walking Dead season 1 that is ridiculously glorious.

The Walking Dead season one alternative ending was revealed by former designer, writer, and director at Telltale Games, Jake Rodkin. For the record, the alternative ending revealed by the designer wasn’t officially considered by Telltale Games for the Walking Dead season one but it was something the developer created out of boredom.

According to Rodkin, the Walking Dead season alternative ending was created during a “stir-crazy time” when “most of the team was on a much-needed break [and] only a couple people were left in the office in case any last-minute bugs came back right before launch”.

Unfortunately, Telltale Games will soon be shut down as the studio has fired almost 90% of its employees due to financial issues. The studio was working on a number of projects including Stranger Things.

Following the studio’s closure gameplay for the Stranger Things game was leaked online giving us a peek at what the game could have been.

However, despite the closure of the Telltale Games, Netflix is still determined for a Stanger Things video game and will obviously be looking for a new developer to partner with for the project.

With Telltale Games having financial troubles and closing down, it made quite a lot of fans wonder if the Walking Dead: The Final Season will be completed or not.

The studio has noted that it is in talks with multiple potential partners to finish up the development on the Walking Dead: The Final Season as it is still working with a 25 people skeleton crew.

Also, Telltale Games has been heavily criticized for not giving severance pay to the employees that were fired. However, one former Telltale Games employee has sued the studio for not notifying the employees in advance about their termination and lack of any severance pay.

The Walking Dead season 1 is a story-based point and click adventure game developed by Telltale Games for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Twitter

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