The Last Of Us 2 New Dynamic Theme And Avatars Available For Free Till 28 September

It’s a good day for The Last Of Us fans as Naughty Dog has released some new The Last Of Us 2 content on PlayStation 4 which includes Dynamic Theme focusing on Ellie along with many new avatars of the characters from the game.

There are many new avatars available for you to represent your love for the game on PlayStation Network. These avatars include characters like Ellie, Ellie 2, Yala, Erie, Mysterious Female Avatar, Dina, Jesse, Emily, Leaf and more.

Make sure to grab these as soon as possible because it’s a limited time offer till 8 AM, 28 September and after which it will be available for a fee.

This new content was all part of the Outbreak Break which according to Naughty Dog marks the day “ordyceps fungus hit critical mass”. Naughty Dog is celebrating and that’s not it as more content is on its way to be revealed soon which includes wallpapers, The Last Of Us (Cycles) theme song and more. Some of which will be released on 26 September depending on your local time.

The Last Of Us 2 is looking great and co-lead designer, Emilia Schatz recently revealed that the production of the second game started right after the first game was released which tells us that it’s been in development for 5 long years so the hype is real.

As for the gameplay, Ellie will not be alone this time just like in the previous instalment of the game. Ellie will have her own NPC companion in the game throughout her long journey. The first game had Joel as the main character and Ellie was the NPC companion but we also were able to play as her in some parts.

As for Joel, there are no words on whether he is alive or dead as Emilia Schatz has avoided to say anything much other than Ellie which makes us think that he’s alive and we might meet him once again in the game.

Emilia Schatz has also assured all the fans that there will be no downgrades in the game and what we saw in the demo was an actual gameplay and will stay the same when it launches worldwide.

There’s no release date yet for the game so make sure to grab this free stuff for your PlayStation and Mobile to keep you more excited for what’s coming.