Sexist Crybabies Begin Total War Rome 2 Review Bombings Over Female Generals

A group of sexist gamers who are upset at the number of female generals that players have recently been experiencing in Creative Assembly’s Total War Rome 2 have launched a campaign of Total War Rome 2 review bombings on Steam, causing its “Recent Reviews” category to drop down to Mostly Negative.

Their…”problem”…with the game revolves around the fact that recently, numerous factions in the game have been apparently offering a larger than normal selection of female generals, which for some reason has caused a number of players to be angry at the game because apparently they aren’t aware of history. Creative Assembly’s response, saying that players could either mod the game or not play it at all if something so petty bugs them that much, seems to have been the catalyst for the incident.

Despite accusations by the perpetrators of the Total War Rome 2 review bombings that Total War is falling into the “social justice” corner of playing due to the high amount of female generals (keep in mind there was no complaining with Total War Warhammer 2, where all three Elven factions have female generals as an option), Creative Assembly has said that there hasn’t been any sort of change to the spawn rate of female generals, meaning it’s just a quirk of the coding.

And, unlike in Battlefield 5’s controversy over female soldiers, where they rarely served combat roles in the army and even then were part of irregular forces, female generals in the Classical era aren’t that out of the ordinary.

One of Rome’s greatest threats, the Iceni warrior queen Boudica, was a woman, and very nearly pushed the Romans out of Britain, sacking two cities. Most northern factions like Greece, Rome, Carthage, and multiple Eastern factions, however, do not allow woman generals.

The presence of female generals in the game to begin with is due to the cultural differences of each faction. For instance, in the Kush faction, there is a 50% chance for a general to spawn as a woman.

If anything this incident with the Total War Rome 2 review bombings over such a stupid and petty reason just lends more evidence that Valve needs to ensure that review bombings are given more attention in the future to see if they’re actually valid.

If you’re a normal person and having different cultures do things differently in their armies doesn’t bug you, then you can still play Total War Rome 2 as normal. Otherwise, you might want to go home and rethink some life choices.