Microsoft Sold 40 Million Controllers to PC Gamers

PC players cover a vast majority of the gaming community for relishing the advantage of having the ultimate experience of playing video games at superior resolutions and settings. Apparently, Microsoft has catered to the needs of these PC gamers by providing them with masses of their controllers. A recent study by Steam suggests that perhaps PC gamers have been rather fond of these Microsoft controllers.

Steam has come to know that over 40 million controllers of Microsoft have been purchased by PC gamers since 2015. The update in 2015 permitted Steam to track back the involvement of PC gamers with their controllers. After recording these stats Steam found Microsoft controller to have a clear edge over the other controllers in the market.

Although collectively the Microsoft controllers are almost 40 million these numbers when further broken down show us the console which contributes the most. This goes on to show us that the Xbox 360 controllers are the most significant in terms of sales making up 45 % of the total market for controllers. 27.2 million of these Xbox 360 controllers have been sold so far.

However, when we combine the 11.5 million Xbox One controllers to the basket of sales by Microsoft, the number goes even more drastically higher adding up to 19% of the whole controller market. To take things into a more understandable perspective, the combined sales of PlayStation DualShock controllers make up 16% whereas the joint sale of the Microsoft console controller makes up a whopping 64% of the entire sales.

To know more about the trends of controllers we must go into a deeper study of the details revealed by Steam. Meanwhile, Xbox One users have also been promised to get extended support for mouse and keyboard. Looks like Microsoft is keen on listening to the users of each platform and offer their backing whereever possible.

Recently, they have shown carefulness by making an Adaptive Controller and even suggest Sony to listen to their fans as well. That is certainly what makes them stand out in selling such a massive amount of controller to PC gamers.