PC Gamers Love Using “Controllers” To Play Games, According To Latest Steam Stats

PC gaming has a lot of perks aside from playing games on 60 FPS at higher resolutions compared to consoles. While mouse and keyboard support is considered to be much more accurate compared to controllers but PC gamers love to play games using controllers.

This is according to stats revealed by Steam which reveals that since 2015 update that allowed controllers inputs to be mapped, over 30 million Steam users have registered a controller.

Not only that, half of these 30 million Steam users have registered more than one controller. As for which controller is most popular among PC gamers, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller make up over 40 million controllers registered by Steam users which make 64% of all controllers.

Steam users love using Controllers

As for the PlayStation controllers, the Dualshock 3 and Dualshock 4 combined make up over 16 million of controllers registered by Steam users.

Since 2015, over 30 million players have registered at least one controller and over 15 million of those players have registered more than one. Between accounts with multiple controllers and controllers that have been registered to multiple accounts, we find that a total of 60 million device-account pairs have been connected to Steam.

Those wondering about where the Steam controller stands, while it is not as popular as Xbox or Dualshock but Valve has noted that Steam Controller is one of the most used controllers by Steam users.

The reason why the controller is being used by PC gamers has to do with their ease of accessibility as using a gamepad allows players to lay back a bit in a relaxed position compared to the use of mouse and keyboard.

With that being said still, mouse and keyboard is the way to play shooters especially the first-person shooters.

Speaking of Steam, it is the biggest marketplace for PC games, however, you will potentially lose your entire Steam library in the unfortunate event of Steam shutting down.

As noted by a user, according to 9. C. of TOS(Termination of Service) Valve is not obligated to let you play games in your Steam library if its shuts down unless it is sued by the user.

Also, Bethesda has announced Fallout 76 won’t be releasing on Steam but assured that it is a one-time thing but, now Bethesda has noted that Doom Eternal coming to Steam is doubtful.

Source: Steam