Meet The Just Cause 4 Antagonist, Gabriela Morales In A New Trailer

Avalanche Studio’s Just Cause 4 is presumed to be one of the biggest and perhaps the best Just Cause to date. However, until these presumptions meet reality, we can not be one hundred percent sure. Having said that it is time to finally meet the Just Cause 4 Antagonist, in a newly released trailer.

Just a little while back, Square Enix has released a new trailer for this game and it seems to have caught quite a lot of attention, to be honest. Among the many reasons for its increasing popularity, is the fact that this new trailer has introduced us to Gabriela Morales, whom you may also refer to as a, Just Cause 4 Antagonist.

What we can gather so far from the trailer, Gabriela Morales will be the toughest adversary Rico has ever faced. She is the leader of the infamous Black Hand.

So fans of this game can be sure that this Just Cause 4 Antagonist, will certainly step up the level of not only the game but will be one of the key aspects that will develop attachment, and interest of the players to the game.

Just Cause 4 is loosely based real world, which features various biomes that also introduce you to various weather conditions and multiple gameplay opportunities. Rico Rodriguez who is the protagonist of the Just Cause series will be forming an army in order to take down the paramilitary group known as Black Hand.

So now know you who the leader of the Black Hand is? It is going to be one hell of a standoff between the two that is for sure.

Among so many other things, this Just Cause 4 is based on a new and unique engine known as the Apex Engine. Which according to the devs has the capacity to render vision into reality. The dynamic weather, which shall be playing a lot of role in the game is something that has been added using this same engine. So, for now, good promises have been made.