Go Potty In VR With VR Flush

It’s pretty common nowadays to see pretty weird and confusing games. With the introduction of VR games, we have seen a lot and the latest one which caught our attention is called VR Flush and yes it’s based on the toilet.

Brudingo Team from Germany are behind this creativity and allow you to experience real-world situation on the toilet with VR Flush. Though it’s not that simple, you start off by searching for toilet papers and which in the end turns out to be more interesting as you are teleportedĀ aboard on an alien spacecraft to keep the things going.

Those aliens are on a mission to figure out if humans are an intelligent form of life or not, you’ll have to pass some tests to prove them and if you don’t it’s a bad reflection of humans to aliens and something not good.

As for the developers, they are entirely focusing on creating an entertaining story where A.I is looking at your every move to figure things out and destroy you if you disappoint them. Also, there’s a robot in the game too and if you want to support the developers, you can buy their Magic Toilet Brush DLC today.