FIFA 19 Graphics Compared For Xbox One and Switch, Not Bad for Nintendo’s Console

With only a couple of days left in its release, the FIFA 19 graphics of the game have been matched to see how the game fairs on the Nintendo and Microsoft consoles. In the search to make the most difficult of decisions of choosing the one console for the best gaming experience, the FIFA 19 graphics have been compared for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

For the basis for the comparison, Game Xplain video was taken under consideration which clearly lays out the differences in FIFA 19 graphics between both consoles. The first noticeable difference is the amount to detail that has been given in the Xbox port of the game. On the other hand, the Switch port seemingly fails to deliver such detailed performance which is expected to be dragged even low in the handheld mode of the game.

Apart from missing out the bigger detailing elements like the snowy weather conditions, the FIFA 19 graphics on Nintendo Switch seem to give a quite an efficient performance than before on the console. The player movements on Switch are clearly much balanced than before. This feature has been improved by Nintendo Switch to such an extent that a match being played in normal weather conditions do not highlight any big issues in the gameplay.

However, when it comes to the close-ups and specifics details, the Switch version is surely behind in FIFA 19 graphics to the Xbox One port of the game. The Xbox version also presents a more color enhanced version of the game whereas the Switch port is rather dull in colors.

Although the facial features of the players in Xbox One are better portrayed in the FIFA 19 graphics, the Nintendo Switch version has overcome their defects from the past title to a certain extent as well. Therefore, Xbox One might be the one taking away this comparison ahead of Switch but surely Nintendo has come a long way to able to compete in the first place.

Although the game has a lot of other features to know about other than the FIFA 19 graphics but Nintendo Switch might not be the best choice when it comes to online play. Therefore players would not want to miss out on the dynamics of the game. However, Switch users can do all the celebrations of the game that they wish to do.