We Might Be Getting A Devolver Digital Stranger Things Game Soon

With the closure of Telltale Games, Netflix’s former plans of creating a video game based on its critically acclaimed original series Stranger Things seemed to be an impossible dream. However, we might be getting a Devolver Digital Stranger Things game if the studio has its way in negotiations with Netflix.
Devolver Digital has become known since its creation for developing and publishing a wide variety of out-there games that no one would otherwise think of, such as this last E3 when they announced that they would be publishing an official Western version of From Software’s Metal Wolf Chaos game.

Stranger Things wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary, especially if it turns out to be a Devolver Digital Stranger Things game. Considering that we haven’t gotten anything about Season 3 in a good while, a Stranger Things video game will likely provide at least some form of satisfaction for fans of the series, especially if it turns out to be good.

Of course, there’s also the matter of what exactly the Hawkins kids will get into that would provide a nice fun little adventure in between plot arcs of the main series. Considering the monsters that normally plague the town in the actual show, whatever decides to appear in the Devolver Digital Stranger Things game could be interesting.

The game that Devolver specifically uses to put itself forward brings up the Stories Untold game, a first-person narrative game that has a great deal of mystery in it and which causes you to have to put the actual story together yourself. Making it even better is that there’s a lot of really suspenseful horror in it that can still make your skin crawl.

While there’s no telling if Netflix will still allow a Stranger Things game to be developed, it’s at least a good idea especially given Devolver’s own credibility, and the fact that a lot of Telltale devs might find their way over to Devolver’s staff eventually.