According to the CEO Of Larian Studios 30% Cut by Steam is Fair, Is It?

In a recent interview with the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2, Larian Studios; among so many things discussed was the topic of Steam being fair to its users.

Apparently, according to the CEO of Larian Studios, the 30% cut by Steam is a fair offer for everyone.

This interview was conducted by Gamestar, with the CEO of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke. Where seemingly he has defended Steam for its price cuts.

According to him, Steam has always been fair with its customers and the fact that such cuts have to be made is a justifiable enough. At least that is the vibe he was giving.

Since the interview was given in German, the original text is also in German. Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on the English translated statement. From there we came to know what he had to say in defense of Steam.

He said,

Steam is not your enemy. Steam is open, free, fair and does a great deal for our hobby. Steam has provided the best prices – for players and developers alike. That’s good for all areas of the PC gaming market.

Further talking about Steam being responsible for the growth of the gaming industry he said,

Steam is also responsible for growth in many other software areas that you often do not even see as strong – VR programs and presentations at trade shows, for example, Steam looks after us very well and is worth the money.

Well perhaps no arguments there, Steam does look after us, it has always provided us with heavy discounts on some popular games. Also considering the fact that UI of Steam is way better, provided it could be worse. Also considering the fact that stores like Windows store look up to Steam for betterment as well.

Also considering the fact that Valve, has been looking to expand Steam by launching a Steam TV Service, what Vincke had to say does seem to reason at few levels not all.