AMC, Smilegate Could Have Saved Telltale Games, They Backed Out the Last Day

It’s pretty clear now that Telltale Games had no options other than to stop production but all of it could have been saved by AMC and Smilgate, who backed out just a day before the closure of the studio.

Telltale has been in news a lot lately and it’s been reported that they were in deals with big companies like AMC who could have prevented from all of this happening. Variety has reported that two companies were interested in working with Telltale games.

These sources tell us that AMC and Korean developer Smilegate were one of the most interested. AMC is a US TV firm and known best for their The Walking Dead television series along with Smilegate which is known for its online mobile games.

What’s sad is that the employees were told by the management that these discussions, especially with AMC, were going really well and all of the funding would be confirmed in a few weeks but that didn’t happen. Despite these in detail talks, these companies backed out one by one including Lionsgate, who also pulled its support back.

As for Lionsgate, it has been a supporter of Telltale games and they were also interested in making a super show. Now with AMC, Smilegate and Lionsgate out of the talks, there was no hope left for the studio and thus resulted in laying off more than 200 of their employees.

Interestingly there have been reports that studio is in talks with multiple potential partners who will help them finish the remaining episodes of  The Walking Dead. Now despite this information coming just yesterday, The Walking Dead Final season is no longer available on online digital stores including PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam and more. It’s been reported that Telltale games have requested retailers to pause the sales.

So don’t expect to see second episode of The Walking Dead Final season today and let’s hope that Telltale finds out a way to come back and also pays their former employees who lost their job without any severance pay.

As for employees, one of them has even filed a lawsuit against Telltale because there was no warning issued before sudden closure of the studio.