TGS 2018 Recorded Highest Visitors, Dates For Next Year Announced

This weekend saw the TGS 2018 come to a close which featured some overwhelming reveals from top video game companies and franchises. In the meantime, we have now been given the official dates for next year’s Tokyo Game Show. On the other hand, TGS 2018 presented us with some of the most polished games like Days Gone.

The official Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association known as CESA published a detailed press release on TGS 2018. It showed us the numbers of the show as well as the most happening events of the show.

The press release revealed the performance of the Tokyo Game Show 2018 by stating:

Tokyo Game Show 2018, with the theme of “Welcome to the Next Stage,” saw the overwhelming record of 668 exhibitors (of which 330 were from overseas). They released a variety of new titles and services for multiple platforms such as home game consoles, smartphones and PCs, making it the most exciting show ever. A large number of visitors and the press not just of Japan but overseas covered the grand e-Sports stages called “e-Sports X.” Reflecting the swelling impact of e-Sports on the game market, the keynote panel was held to discuss on the theme of “Road map for e-sports to spread out as the sports.

An increasing number of companies, both of exhibitors and attendees, engaged in vigorous B2B meetings. The number of meetings generated by the business matching system “Asia Business Gateway” is 668, which exceeds the last year’s 602. The fact demonstrates the growing importance of Tokyo Game Show’s role as a hub of international game business.”

The attendance numbers of the previous years were compared CESA which showed us that TGS 2018 performed better than ever not only entirely but by each day as well. The total 298,690 attendance beat the 254,311 and 271,224 visitors of 2017 and 2016, respectively.

Similarly, the TGS 2018 exhibition also overtook the prior attendances for each day of 2017 and 2016. With the reveals like the Devil May Cry 5 trailer coming out with loads of content, the show was destined to be a hit for the two days of both Business and Public sorts in the four-day exhibition.

Days Gone was fully playable at TGS 2018 and such elements of the events helped it to top its attendance from previous shows. All things said and done, TGS 2019 has also been slotted its date for next year. It will be held from 12 September to 15 September in 2019 at the same place as TGS 2018, Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

Source: Gematsu