Telltale Stranger Things Footage Leaks After Studio Closure Announcement

The past days left a bitter taste to all point and click adventure lovers all around the world. Telltale Games has laid-off the biggest part of its staff, leaving only 25 employees to finish the ongoing projects. That leaves upcoming titles like Telltale Stranger Things hanging, with no information about its future. While we don’t know if the game will ever happen, a few seconds of gameplay leak, showing us what it could have been.

No one knows if the source of the Telltale Stranger Things footage is legit and if it comes from a private playtesting or not. However, the model design looks like a product of the studio, with large eyes and cartoony figures. The 13-second video finds Will and his mother inside their home, in what looks like an early prototype of the final product. Undeniably, it’s sad to see such ambitious projects get canceled before we even get to hype it up. Take a look:

For those unfamiliar with the Telltale Stranger Things story, Netflix has partnered up with the popular studio in order to bring an episodic game based on the TV series. The game would be played entirely through the Netflix App on your TV, using the remote control. This was by far the most innovative project for Telltale Games and that’s why Netflix still wants to move on with it. A different studio might get assigned with the task, bringing Telltale Stranger Things to our screens.

Along with Telltale Stranger Things, the possibility of The Wolf Among Us 2 happening looks pretty dim. We don’t know if the developers of Telltale can form a new studio and continue the legacy, however, if they can, they should.

All Telltale titles have brought the adventure genre back to life, with heartwarming stories and innovative gameplay mechanics. We hope that some of those unfinished projects may be able to move on to other hands and get finished. We really hope so.