Telltale In Talks With “Multiple Potential Partners” To Help Them Finish The Walking Dead

Telltale has been in news a lot lately after laying off almost all of their staff resulting in the abandoning of the latest season of The Walking Dead. For those who were disappointed, we have got some hope back as Telltale has shared that some “Multiple potential partners” have stepped forward to help them in completing The Final Season.

Telltale shared this good news on Twitter which you can look at below.

The second episode was originally supposed to be released tomorrow. but according to a voice actor of Clementine in the game, it seemed pretty unlikely to happen but here we are now with some hope revived. According to TelltaleGames, the second episode of the season will be released tomorrow on all platforms as planned so it’s time to get back to gaming.

As for other games such as Stranger Things, there is no hope if that’s ever gonna happen but Netflix still insists on it happening despite Telltale closing all of its projects. Well if that doesn’t happen, Netflix will have to look for some other studio to make it.

Well if you are interested, some Stranger Things footage has been released which tells us that the game was in works and was looking great but unfortunately we will not be able to play it anytime soon.

As for the employees which are said to be more than 200, have been left jobless without any severance pay leaving them completely hopeless. There’s no confirmation whether they were guaranteed any severance pay or not but Cory Barlog who’s a veteran and known for his God Of War came forward to talk on the behalf of those who didn’t get the respect they deserved.

Cory Barlog went out to call Telltale and told them to do right by its employees. He insisted that they should first offer severance pay to their now unemployed employees and then further continue to finish the remaining episodes.

It’s definitely a good thing to know that we might finally get the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season but on the other hand, we also want Telltale to support their former employees so let’s just wait and watch to see what happens.