10 Upcoming Games That Should Definitely Use Nvidia Ray Tracing

Nvidia Ray Tracing technology is supported by the new Nvidia RTX graphics cards and even though support is minimal right now developers are going to jump on board the bandwagon because, at the end of the day, this is Nvidia that we are talking about.

We are excited about the future where we developers will be able to use Nvidia Ray Tracing in order to render lighting and shadows. Here are the 10 upcoming games that we think should come with support for Nvidia Ray Tracing.

10 Upcoming Games That Should Use Nvidia Ray Tracing

If you are interested in learning more about ray tracing then be sure to check out our list of all the games that will support this feature. Right now the RTX 2070 is the minimum requirement for this feature but developers think that the feature will come to consoles later on.

The Division 2

Nvidia Ray Tracing

The first game was very beautiful indeed and with the new game coming a few months from now, one can imagine how the game will benefit from the added visual effects that the Nvidia ray tracing technology can bring to the game. I think that The Division 2 is one of the games that should be played with Nvidia Ray Tracing.

The previous game was pretty graphics intensive so having RTX on would be very taxing on the FPS but this is something that Ubisoft and Nvidia can work together on. I am sure that optimization on PC can be made better so that the game is able to run at 60 FPS even with RTX  on.

Splinter Cell

Nvidia Ray Tracing

While there is no word regarding whether there is going to be a new Splinter Cell game or not, keeping in mind that this is a wishlist, I am sure that there are plenty of people that would like to play a Splinter Cell game with real-time ray tracing.

The detection mechanics of the game relied on shadows and how much of your character was visible. I think that Nvidia RTX would add to the experience keeping in mind that the Splinter Cell series is known for realistic graphics already.

Devil May Cry 5

Nvidia Ray Tracing

Devil May Cry 5 is a hot new entry and is one of the most anticipated games that are going to come out early next year. The devs have been focusing on photo-realistic graphics and they have been scanning models and clothes in order for them to appear as realistic as possible. Keeping that in mind, Nvidia Ray Tracing could add to the realism and make the experience all the better.

Hitman 2

Nvidia Ray Tracing

Hitman is another game in which realism plays a very important role. Adding to that level of realism I think that Nvidia ray tracing would make the overall experience pretty good. Like Splinter Cell this game also involves a certain degree of stealth and I think that ray tracing would play a major role in elevating the overall experience of Hitman 2.

Rage 2

Nvidia Ray Tracing

Rage is another game that has a lot of hype surrounding it. The original game was successful and there are plenty of people that are waiting for the new game to come out. Nvidia ray tracing can add to the visuals of the game and enhance them. It will be interesting to see whether the developers decide to take this technology and integrate this technology into the game.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is the next game in the franchise and while some people have their concerns regarding the direction of the game keeping in mind the new trailer but this is a very successful franchise and ry tracing would be a great addition to the mix. The shadows and reflections will add to the overall Doom experience.


Nvidia Ray Tracing

Anthem is one of the games that looks like a major multiplayer title that could be like Destiny. Bioware has been putting a lot of work into the game and from what we have seen, the game looks very interesting indeed. Real-time ray tracing would be a great addition to the game and it is something that developers are considering. We will keep you updated regarding whether or not the final game will have this feature or not.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Nvidia Ray Tracing

Resident Evil 2 Remake was something that we did not see coming. There is a lot of anticipation around the game and keeping in mind that this is a horror game, lighting and shadows are going to play an important role in the experience and ray tracing is a feature that could add to the experience as a whole. There is no confirmation regarding whether or not this feature is going to make it to the final game so stay tuned for more information regarding the matter.

Cyberpunk 2077

Nvidia Ray Tracing

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be very well optimized for PC when it comes out. Developers have been very vocal about this and keeping in mind that CDPR is using some new technology in order to make the experience realistic, there is a probability that this new technology is going to be introduced in the game as well. Fingers crossed till we have an official announcement.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Nvidia Ray Tracing

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a game that we have been waiting for a long time now but we have seen very little about the game. We saw a trailer at E3 2018 but very little besides that. Keeping in mind what we have seen, it is more than likely that the developers are going for a realistic experience and Nvidia ray tracing would add to the overall experience.

These were the 10 games that we think should come with Nvidia ray tracing. I believe that these games will be enhanced with the help of this new feature.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia ray tracing and which games you would like to see with these new features.