New Maps Spotted In Black Ops 4 Launch Trailer, Look Familiar?

Treyarch recently released a brand new Black Ops 4 Launch trailer and Call of Duty fans were fast enough to spot two brand new maps inside it. This new trailer for Black Ops 4 features all three game modes from the game but when it came to the multiplayer part, some new locations were revealed.

Now if you see that trailer again and stop at 0:36-second mark or 0:40-second mark, you will see locations which appear to be of new and unannounced maps in the game. One of these maps features a location with buildings and another one alongside a river as below.

This is overall a good news for all Call Of Duty fans and will be more surprising if these are available at launch without additional DLC. As for maps, it’s been rumored that the game will only feature 11 maps at launch excluding Nuketown. Keeping in mind, these maps include all 4 remade maps which include all-time favourites like Firing Range, Summit, Jungle and Slums.

Nuketown will come at a later date but it’s a disappointment if this turns out to be true as compared to the previous Call Of Duty games which had 15+ maps at launch giving everyone another reason to play all day.

Otherwise, Treyarch has promised us some new free content so we can expect the team to make things right even if it’s not at launch.

Now don’t let that stop you from buying Black Ops 4 as it also brings us Battle Royale mode aka Blackout for the first time in any Call Of Duty game. It features a massive big map with all of your favourite locations from previous games including Raid and more.

Blackout Beta was a success and it helped Treyarch receive many positive responses for the game which tells us that this could turn out to be the best Call Of Duty game ever. Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 also topped peak viewers on Twitch overcoming big games like Fortnite and PUBG, which is a big achievement.

Now if you are a fan of Call Of Duty zombies then you should definitely check out the Mystery Box Edition of the game which is made especially for you and is filled with interesting content.