God Of War PS4 Director Wants Telltale To Do Right By Its Employees

It’s not a secret anymore that Telltale Games, who are known for their amazing storytelling games, is going through big issues and the studio has even decided to layoff almost all of its staff.

This sudden change of plans could also result in the abandoning of The Walking Dead: The Final Season which only has 2 episodes left to be released and was under development.

Though what comes as a good news is that Telltale has found its new partner which will help the studio complete the unfinished episode. However, the director of God Of War PS4, Cory Barlog, has requested Telltale to do right by their former employees first.

He spoke on the behalf of over 200 employees who had to their lose job without any severance pay. Cory Barlog joined the cause and called out Telltale by saying:

“I would hope this means that you will first pay your entire team their severance, and then proceed to finish the final episodes, I would be fine waiting however long it took to ensure we first treated those who worked so hard with the humanity and respect they deserve.”

As noted by people, it’s not confirmed that those who left the job had any guarantees for severance pay and even if they didn’t, Cory Barlog definitely knows how hard working the team is and wants Telltale to do the right thing.

He then continued:

I think what I am suggesting is that when you look people in the eye and ask for their best, to come together and create something great, you should take on that task as well.

Treating others with respect is not a law, but how great would the world be for our kids if it were.

Now that’s some really good words coming from a director of a blockbuster success that is God Of War and we also hope that Telltale does make it right to set examples for others in the future.

There is no word on who is this new mysterious partner is for the Final Season of The Walking Dead might continue but there are no guarantees.

Also, check out the leaked footage of Stranger Things game from Telltale which was in works but we can guess that it won’t release despite Netflix wanting it to happen.