Death Stranding Release Date Not Changed, Please Wait a Bit More Says Kojima

Death Stranding is the latest game in works by Kojima Productions but it’s been in news for some time and people still can’t figure out when the game is finally going to be released. But that also doesn’t mean that the development is not going smooth or there are any problems as Kojima recently made it clear that the release date hasn’t changed.

Kojima has made it clear during Tokyo Game Show that the production of the game is going really well as he said, “The release date for Death Stranding hasn’t changed… yet. Please wait a bit more for it. Thanks.” Which confirms all the fans that it’s on its way.

Now other than that, this also means that Kojima does have a release date in mind or maybe at least a goal for the development team which is obviously a positive sign. Kojima also told everyone to wait a bit more which makes us guess whether we will see the game next year or not until 2022? we are not sure.

Keeping the guesses and assumptions aside, we know that the production is going really fast and after we saw the latest trailer for the game, we just can’t wait to play it. The latest trailer gave us the first at Troy Baker as a new Antagonist. Baker has now joined the cast of talented actors such as Norman Reedus, Lindsay Wagner, Mads Mikkelsen and more.

Now above characters aside, Stefanie Joosten, the Dutch model was also part of the trailer but everyone missed it but we did spot her. She can be seen in the trailer when Norman Reedus is shown carrying woman and believe me it’s her. She has also worked silently behind games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which makes the cast bigger than ever before.

Also, Death Stranding voice overs will not sound entirely new to you as its going to feature many Metal Gear Solid veterans.

As for the release date, Death Stranding is expected to be present at The Video Game Awards 2018 and everyone is expecting to hear about the release date there along with other new details.