Black Ops 4 File Size For Xbox One Revealed, Free Up the Space

The news of Black Ops 4 File Size for Xbox One did not come from the devs but apparently, it is a spotting over at the Xbox One store.

It appears so that the Xbox One store has been updated recently and it has given a confirmation for the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 File Size for Xbox One. The file size of the game at launch for Xbox One console will be 42.6 GB.

This file size is an approximation and might not be completely accurate still it does give the fans quite a lot of understanding, about the game size.

However, this much size pretty much falls in line with the previous Call of Duty games which were around 50 GB. Considering the fact that the game size will eventually expand as it will be getting quite a lot of new updates and post-launch content.

The screenshot taken from the Xbox Store has also been provided below for you to see.

Having said that talking about CoD on Xbox console, we can’t but help to mention that there are a few references, which seems to point out that Black Ops 4 Blackout mode looks better on the Xbox One X but apparently it seems to run better on PS4 Pro. Now sure what all that is about but it definitely needs to be noticed.

Be that as it may, there is quite a lot of optimism among the CoD fans for it seems like, Black Ops 4 might be stepping over the success of Battlefield 5. As a recent report seems to point out that Black Ops 4 might beat Battlefield 5 in terms of sales that is. Well, that remains to be seen, so fingers are pretty much crossed on that.

Still considering the recent success the beta has had compared to the beta of Battlefield, it does seem to show us the big picture. The fact that it has outperformed Fortnite on Twitch and the recent gameplay trailer hitting all the right notes, it seems like Treyarch is making all the right moves in all the right places.