Black Ops 4 Blackout Looks Better On Xbox One X But Runs better On PS4 Pro

Black Ops 4 Blackout is supposed to be the next battle royale game that is going to give Fortnite and PUBG a run for its money and here we have some information regarding the performance of the game on consoles. This information has been taken from the Beta so keep that in mind. The performance of the final version might be a bit different.

From the technical analysis of Black Ops 4 Blackout that Digital Foundry has done, it turns out that while the game runs better on the PS4 Pro, it looks better on the Xbox One X. The most powerful console on the market has a lot of power to offer and it is not surprising that the game looks better on it. The Xbox One X was able to render the game at 3840×2160 more consistently as compared to the PS4 Pro.

While this is indeed the case the maxed out resolution is not found most of the time and in scenes where there are textures and terrains, that number is going to drop. The game features dynamic scaling so the resolution goes up and down depending on the amount of detail that is on the screen. The lowest resolution to be spotted was 1792×1800.

Keeping all this in mind, the Xbox One X is still able to provide better visuals when you compared Black Ops 4 Blackout graphics to the gameplay on PS4 Pro. The video quality on the PS4 Pro is below that of the PS4 Pro. The graphics top out at 1920×1800 and the game typically runs at 1440×1080. This seems like a major downgrade as compared to the Xbox One X and you would be right in thinking so.

The comparison states that the standard PS4 is able to outperform the Xbox which is also not a surprise keeping in mind the better hardware that the PS4 comes with out of the box. The Xbox One is able to run Black Ops 4 Blackout at 1600×900 at best and the resolution can drop down to 1024×768. The PS4, on the other hand, is able to run the game at 1920×1080 and that can drop down to 960×1080.

The performance of the PS4 is also better. While the Xbox One manages to run the game anywhere between 40-60 FPS, the average FPS is in the 40s. The PS4 is able to run the game above 50 FPS at most of the time. The PS4 Pro is able to stick to the 50s but the Xbox One X framerate can be anywhere between 40-60 depending on how graphically intensive the scene is.

Let us know what you think about Black Ops 4 Blackout and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.