Black Ops 4 Blackout Without Level 3 Armor Won’t Work: Treyarch

A notable point under consideration during and after the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta was the Level 3 Armor. Developers made several adjustments to the Level 3 Armor during the beta as well.

David Vonderhaar, the Design Director for Black Ops 4, participated in an extensive interview with Game Informer to answer the most frequently asked questions. While answering these he revealed how crucial level 3 armor is to the end game.

After getting the feedback on the armor, developers adjusted the Blackout mode during its beta and the following steps were taken which according to Treyarch’s own Beta Recap:

Spawn frequency of Level 3 Armor has been reduced by 75% compared to its initial spawn rate in the Beta.
Level 3 Armor will now most frequently be found in Stashes and Supply Drops, though it may occasionally spawn in the world.
Level 3 Armor now breaks sooner and passes more damage to the player wearing it, and still offers headshot and other types of damage mitigation. We’ve heard your concerns that Level 3 Armor was still perhaps too powerful by the end of the Beta, and will be evaluating the data to see what other tweaks may be required.
Level 2 Armor was also minorly adjusted during the Beta and will potentially be tweaked further in time for launch.
Players will see an indicator of the condition of their own Armor, and those of their teammates, in the HUD. This provides a more granular indicator of the damage that your Armor has taken beyond the Armor icon and will let you know if it’s time to seek out a replacement.

Afterward, Treyarch decided to nerf the armor altogether for Blackout. However, Vonderhaar believes that armor in an important aspect of Black Ops 4. Although changes are being made to it in the battle royale mode but altering its true functions would affect the end-game.

The main focus for the developers, therefore, should rather be on knowing what the role of armor is in the end-game of Blackout. This would better help them in making the armor more adapt to the gameplay of Black Ops 4 rather than completely removing the Level 3 Armor.

Source: Charlie Intel