Battlefield V Weather, Content And Weapons explained By Multiplayer Producer

As we are closer to the release of Battlefield V, EA DICE is making continuous changes to the game and while doing that, Multiplayer Producer David Sirland is active on Twitter answering the fans regarding weapons, weather, aiming and new content that’ll be coming to the game.

Multiplayer Producer David Sirland answered some questions recently regarding the game during which he also confirmed that the aim rotation feature on vehicles will be removed but aim assisst slowdown will remain which sounds all good to me.

That’s not all as he also talked about how the weather conditions will affect the gameplay.

Afterwards, he went on to talk about all the additional content coming to Battlefield V ranging from maps, weapons, vehicle and more. And worth mentioning is that they have the biggest live team ever to support the game so expect a lot of content to arrive in the first two months as everything is planned.

EA DICE has already planned other changes for the game by bringing a tighter death experience following Beta which tells us that the team is always listening and ready to make changes according to it. This change is being made after the long time that was needed to kill the players but it’s now fixed. Bleed out time has also been reduced which will help medics.

They have also introduced distanced Haze which will help increase the players’ visibility. This was a much-needed change as many players faced visibility issues in the game and it was most hard to see on a map like Rotterdam.

Now as for the maps, Battlefield V will have massive maps and DICE has assured all the fans as many have been left worried after seeing the maps in Beta.

The Lead Multiplayer Designer for Battlefield V responded to map speculations by saying:

Regarding map sizes: this is Breakthrough for Hamada, with a distance of just over 1500m from Attacker’s HQ to the Defenders’ final 5th sector. I’ve added a view from Conquest C to better understand the scale. (BT layout is WORK IN PROGRESS)

Battlefield V will launch on October 19 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.