You Can Use Words Like “White Man” and “DLC” in Battlefield V

There has been quite a lot of stuff for which Battlefield V is being criticised. Starting from the female controversy to various new features which apparently do not seem to captivate fans. Among so many concerns there was the one regarding Battlefield V chat filters as it blocked words like “White Man and “DLC.” But we can now confirm you can use these words if you wish to.

According to the EA DICE producer, players can turn off the chat filter to let all content flow through uncensored. DICE has finally tried to solve this concern for the better. In an attempt to address censorship accusations.

A Twitter user asked for further clarification to which Sirland said that the filter can indeed be disabled.

Let’s stop assuming the worst possible scenario :). It’s not censorship – it’s anti-abuse in text form

Sirlan also added that the chat filter which the players saw, used a “dictionary derived from several EA games”. Which uses an AI learning algorithm and will be changed.

Lastly, talking in reference to Battlefield Vand its chat filter, he added that EA DICE will be looking to further feedback in order to improve the chat filter.

With all that said, while we know that EA will do more than just merely justify, there are a lot of things which might prove to be damaging for this title. Based on a recent report, it seems like Black Ops 4 might beat Battlefield V, in terms of sales. Still, fingers are pretty much crossed.

However, if you wish to compare the graphics of this game over different platforms, then you certainly can because they will definitely tell you a lot about this title.