There Are Three Different Ways To Play Anthem Before Launch

BioWare’s Anthem is one of the biggest titles in the work and probably because it is a massive open world game. Now what we know so far is that BioWare has no plans to host a traditional beta but it seems like they do have plans to launch a demo for Anthem.

We were also aware of the demo but what we were not aware of was how to get our hands on the demo, since it was exclusive. Just recently they have revealed three different ways, which fans can use to get their hands on Anthem demo before the final game rolls out.

What we already know about this demo so far, is the fact that it is exclusive to Origin premier members only. However, with this recent reveal by BioWare, a few things might change.

The details on how to get the opportunity to play Anthem before the final version was shared on the official Twitter page of the game, which also linked to the official posting on EA’s website.

You can play the Anthem demo through the following,

  • The VIP demo
  • Early Access
  • The Play First Trial

The Vip demo is scheduled to kick off on February 1st, 2019 and will be available to all of those who have pre-ordered the game as well as for those, who are currently subscribers of EA Access and Origin Access.

Early Access is slated for 15th February 2019 for Origin Access Premier members. This will give you access to the full game a week before the launch of Anthem on PC. Members will have complete and unlimited access to EA’s full game on PC provided they are subscribed to Origin Access Premier.

As a part of Play First Trial, members of EA Access and Origin Access Basic will get to play 10 hours of Anthem. This is scheduled to start on February 15, 2019.

With all that put into context, Anthem is a big step in the ongoing evolution of the company itself. Provided the fact that it is a shared world shooter, the studio has shown a great interest to emphasize on storytelling. BioWare has all the intentions to deliver Anthem as a complete package from the start.

Let us hope that they are able to.