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Xbox Scarlet To Feature Ray Tracing And High Level Shader Language

Xbox Scarlet is the code name of the upcoming console that Microsoft is working on and it is in the development phase as we speak. According to news sources, the Xbox Scarlet is going to be another monster. While the Xbox One X was a monster as compared to the base model, this upcoming next-generation console should be a monster compared to the One X.

According to the new information that has been provided the Xbox Scarlet will come with High-Level Shader Language which should take things to the next level and build on what the Xbox One X has to offer. We also hear that the console will be able to deliver Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing and that this is going to be the secret weapon of the console.

This is interesting because Xbox uses AMD graphics solutions and Nvidia Ra Tracing is something that is exclusive to Nvidia. While I get that Microsoft could switch to Nvidia in order to power the Xbox Scarlet and take advantage of Nvidia RTX, it is highly unlikely. Support for previous consoles cannot be abandoned at this point and from what I see, most likely the Xbox One X will become the mainstream console and the Scarlet will take the place of the One X as the premium console.

If that is the case then both need to be in the same ecosystem rather than one being powered by AMD and the other being powered by Nvidia. While this information could be right, I think you should take this with a grain of salt as the Xbox Scarlet is in development and much can change from now until launch.

Let us know what you think about Xbox Scarlet supporting Nvidia Real-Time Ray Tracing and whether or not you think Microsoft could opt for Nvidia rather than AMD for the upcoming Xbox Scarlet.