PS Plus List Of Free Games For October Has One Unexpected Addition

The list of free games for the month of October on PS Plus was going to include some names which had been anticipated beforehand. However, there is a surprise inclusion in the list which has been spotted and reported by a Russian user online. Sniper Elite 3 is listed as free in the screenshot shared by the Reddit user.

Fans were mainly looking forward to seeing Diablo 3 among the free PS Plus games list for the coming month. However, “Truemat” revealed on Reddit that 2014 video game from the Sniper Elite franchise is listed as Bjesplatno which translates in English to free. Therefore, the PlayStation Store of Russia listing the Sniper Elite 3 game as free could presumably point towards being one of the PS Plus games for October.

Sniper Elite 3 is known for its epic slo-mo kill cam which presented a cinematic view of the bullet as it was shot upon the enemy. The intensity of the game can be anticipated by the fact that every organ the body hit was shown being penetrated in the Rebellion developed game. Perhaps it is a fine addition to the PS Plus free games given that the game has 5 multiplayer modes as well.

The previous months have also featured several well-known games in the month of July and September. For instance, having God of War for free on PS Plus is more than one could wish for. PS Plus has granted plenty of free access wishes of its users. Such is the example of free Netflix memberships.

All said and done, this news is not quite official as of now but in a matter of few days Sony will announce the official lineup for the month of October. Till that list of free games comes out, Sniper Elite 3 would be quite a wonderful inclusion for the PS Plus users to have in their collection.