PlayStation Classic Mini Isn’t Much Of A Charmer, Will Not Support Online Functionality

Just a week back, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic Mini console and while there might be a considerable amount of excitement for it, it is not much of a charmer, to be honest.

It seems to be that Sony jumped on the bandwagon a little too hastily, in fact, it seems like they might not have thought this through even. Like the fact that it will not be supporting online functionality as well as the fact that the pre-loaded games will be the only games it will be getting.

Meaning that it won’t have any post-launch games. This was confirmed by a PlayStation spokesperson in an interview with IGN that there will not be any added support to these older games and there will be no additional games after these 20.

PlayStation said:

There are no plans to bring new content to PlayStation Classic post-launch

At the moment all of the 20 preinstalled games have not been revealed, however, we know that it includes Final Fantasy VII, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, TEKKEN 3, Jumping Flash!, Wild Arms for sure. Moreover, some sources also seem to suggest that the list of games could be different for various regions.

Playstation adds:

The 20 titles launching with the PlayStation Classic were selected due to their popularity amongst original PlayStation fans. However, it is important to note that the title list is tailored to each region.

Now while that may be a news which has turned the moods off but adding to that the bigger disappointment is the fact that this PlayStation Classic Mini will not be supporting online connectivity.

So what we can speculate so far about this console is that you would be spending, on something that is initially a dead end. With no options for growth in games, nor a capacity to keep the interest of the fans for longer times.