The Corrections Made To Pace In FIFA 19 Seems To Have Upset Some Fans

FIFA 19 is just around the corner and the excitement is pretty real for the game and while there has been quite a lot of positive feedbacks, about this game form the members of EA access. There are a few fans who seem a little too upset, with the corrections made to Pace in FIFA 19.

Members of EA access have had the opportunity to check this game out before it actually rolls out and they have been availing this opportunity, with an open heart. Now based on the feedback, it seems like where the devs wanted to correct the pace of the game, they just might have over corrected.

Now for those who have played the previous FIFA games especially FIFA 18, they would know that pace was among those topics which have been the center of discussion, debate, and drama for as long as anyone can remember.

This topic of discussion left EA into a dilemma, in which they had to decide on what to do with the pace in their upcoming game. However, it seems like they were coming out of that dilemma, as they decided to finally slow things down a little.

This would have aimed towards more realistic attacking play, however, after playing FIFA 19 some members of EA access seem not too happy with this adjustment. In fact, according to them, it is a little too slow, hence the concerns.

You may take this Pace in FIFA 19 issue as early impressions of the community, so there is a huge chance that you may find this correction suitable as well.

Some of the community members have also gone out on Twitter to share their concern as well, uploading recorded videos to show the difference but it does not seem that the devs are paying any attention at this point.

Most probably they are waiting for the game to roll out and after that, they will be looking at how the rest of the fans around the globe find this adjustment.

Having said that this is certainly not the only issue, just recently there was a glitch spotted as well, which also seems to raise some concerns.