League Of Legends Heimerdinger Dragon Trainer Skin Possibly Teased

The less than ten seconds of the League of Legends teaser indicates that the Revered Inventor’s luck might be on his side. Riot Games have indeed pointed towards a new Dragon Trainer coming up. The teaser has been floating around the social media circle which has got the League of Legends fans on the edge of their seats.

The teaser video only showed us a glimpse of a charming Dragon Trainer skin. League of Legends is known to have Dragon Trainers as one of the most attractive skins of the game. This weekend has been all about this Dragon Trainer skin among the gaming community of the battle arena video game.

At this instant, the skin collection of the game has only two characters included. First is Lulu, which is accompanied by a fairy which turns into a little dragon when going into battle. The second one is Tristina which uses the reptilian pal while attacking in a projectile motion.

While we are sure of the appearance of the skin, we could only be excited enough to see only a wing coming out of a hatching egg. A voiceover in the background is also heard as someone peeking on the egg as it opens up completely.

As of now, the skin can be related to only two characters. The first is the lizard-esque, Skarl which is rode by Kled. Perhaps the new skin could be Skarl’s replacement. On the other hand, the sound of the thing in the teaser suggests that it could possibly be a Heimerdinger. It is quite probable they could replace the turrets in League of Legends.

Previously, we witnessed the High Noon Skins in League of Legends as well. Furthermore, Snowballs have also come into the play in the game.

Source: PCGamesN