Halo Infinite Devs Assures Microtransactions Won’t Result in “Something Bad”

Halo Infinite is the upcoming big title in works by 343 Industries but there have been many concerns about the game recently as it’s said to have Microtransactions in some form. Since then people have been wondering how will they make use of it and it’s really worrying us since we saw what happened with Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Now thankfully studio is aware of the questions being raised especially regarding the job they posted on Microsoft careers page requiring a candidate who will “encourage players to return again and again with their friends.” So to calm down the fans, the studio took it to twitter to tell the fans to not worry about it.

343 community manager Brian Jarrad said:

I know there’s very little real info to go on thus far, but I wouldn’t worry over a job description. All pretty standard stuff in the industry, doesn’t mean it’ll result in something bad.

Talking about microtransactions, 343 Industries studio head Chris also talked about it on Twitter and revealed that the game will not feature paid loot boxes. They haven’t finalized it but it’s definitely good as microtransactions are considered really bad in the industry.

The topic of microtransactions topped the headlines with Star Wars Battlefront 2 which came with loot boxes simply making you spend money to play with the character you like and it turned out to be a big problem as even countries started boycotting this trend including Belgium.

Though EA is stubborn and doesn’t seem to end it for once and all but it’s definitely a learning lesson for all companies including 343 Industries to avoid doing similar things in the future as it takes away all the fun and results in failures like Battlefront 2.

It’s yet to see how 343 Industries will implement microtransactions in some kind of way and we might be able to find out in “flighting” testing program which will be launched ahead of games launch and that’s when we all will be able to respond to 343 Industries regarding the game.

Though Halo Infinite will not have a Battle Royale mode as seen in big games like Black Ops 4 as the developers intend to not follow any trends.

Halo Infinite is in works and will release exclusively for PC and Xbox One.