Dragon Quest 11’s Music Replacement With Orchestral Mod Now Available

Now finally after some wait, Orchestral music overhaul mod for Dragon Quest 11 is finally available allowing you to completely replace all of the original in-game music with official Orchestral music. The Dragon Quest 11 music overhaul comes in big size which is more than 7 GB but that doesn’t matter you get to listen to your favourite music.

The Dragon Quest 11 overhaul consists of Orchestral music which as you all know is performed by Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and composed by Koichi Sugiyama. Whether you are in favour of this switch or not, these music files can only be played when the game is on and not outside keeping you locked but it’s a dream come true for all the fans.

So if you are interested you can follow the instructions below to successfully install the mod as guided by the creators of the mod.

  • After downloading and extracting all three 7z files (which can be done using 7zip or WinRAR, we recommend 7zip for compatibility reasons), move the extracted contents somewhere that is readily and easily available on your computer.
  • These files CANNOT be played outside of the game and thus only work when used with the game.
  • Next, locate the folder with the game which is easy to locate through Steam, simply right click on the game in your Steam Library, select Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files and the game’s folder will open.
  • Now, simply go to the files you extracted earlier and you should have three folders – “Injector”, “Music” and “FMV”.
  • Drag and drop the CONTENTS of each of those folders into the main install directory, and overwrite EVERYTHING when asked.
    If you want the best experience possible with this mod, it is recommended that you ensure you overwrite all files when asked if you’d like to.
  • Finally, go forth and enjoy the game as no further steps are required

This new Dragon Quest 11 mod is must try for every fan of the game and depending on if you prefer game’s orchestral music or not.

Now if you are having any problems while installing the Dragon Quest 11’s mod then make sure to check out the modders page here to try other methods.

Dragon Quest 11 is now available to play on PC and PlayStation 4.