Devil May Cry 5 Will Allow Character Selection For Some Missions

Lately, Capcom has let the fans of Devil May Cry 5 get their hands on fresh updates regarding the upcoming video game. One such update has revealed that players would indeed be given the option of choice in several selected missions in Devil May Cry 5. Users would be able to choose the character they see best to see-through that certain mission.

The characters of the Devil May Cry 5 recently saw V make his official appearance with the TGS 2018 trailer which was loaded with content. Therefore, now the players would have the chance to play as Nero, Dante or V. Matt Walker made this announcement through the online discussion forum, Resetera which states:

“We’ve mentioned that there will be a bunch of missions in the game. For some missions you’ll have 1 character you can play as, for some you can select between two, and for some you can select between all three.”

Walker has been actively involved recently at the online platforms perhaps, to better hear out the fans and communicate with them. For instance, just a few days back Matt replied to one Tweet of a fan who asked him to speak about the speculation of Devil May Cry 5 having microtransactions. Matt responded with comments that ruled out the rumors.

However, Matt does not go into the depth of the subject but tries to give the best image he can about any issue he announces online. Similarly, no indication has yet been given about what these missions would be that require a character selection.

Nonetheless, the major question in everyone’s mind is that what would these missions in Devil May Cry 5 require that players would even think of not selecting Dante everytime than the other characters. Possibly these certain missions would not be catered to one character’s likeness to make it the obvious choice over the other two to make the option more dependent on the players.

Meanwhile, speculation is all we can do since Capcom has not fully revealed the details yet. So whether the character selection in Devil May Cry 5 would affect the storyline of the game or not is upon us to speculate as of now. Moreover, there are still 6 long months left in the release of Devil May Cry 5 but that does not seem to settle the fans down any sooner.

This news is just going to contribute to the hype of Devil May Cry 5 which has already set it on course to become the Bestselling Hack’n Slash game of the generation.

Source: Comic Book