Destiny 2 Forsaken Silent Fang Bounty Guide – Location, How to Kill

As is the trend of weekly challenges for its community, the latest bounty for Destiny 2 Forsaken is a bit of a tough one.

Although not hard enough for those who have a decent knowledge of the game, others might struggle with finding the area of interest and tackling the boss on their own.

Therefore, below we share some Destiny 2 Forsaken Silent Fang Bounty tips for both finding the target and eliminating him.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Silent Fang Bounty

Like every other Weekly Challenge, you can acquire the Silent Fang Bounty from the newly introduced NPC in the Forsaken DLC, the Spider.

Since this bounty can be particularly tough, do not rush things, not until you are 540 Power Level at least.

You will need to complete a Heroic Adventure to be able to tackle this quest.

Obtaining the quest from Spider, you will have a new waypoint pop up in your map. This will direct you towards the Cavern of Souls Lost Sector in The Sludge, EDZ.

Once within the cave, you will need to defeat some explosive Shank enemies along with some standard Fallen and Taken foes.

Eliminating the Shanks will result in them dropping a special type of explosive that you can hurl towards the generator in the room.

This opens up the passageway that will allow you to face off against the boss, the Silent Fang. Immediately, you will come to notice that the boss cannot be unharmed as long as that shield lingers around.

Use the Shanks he throws your way, use them as explosives, and destroy the generators responsible for the shield around Silent Fang.

Once all generators are down this way, proceed to deal some decent damage in the short duration of time that you have been given the opportunity for.

After some decent number of hits have been delivered to the boss, he summons up a Fang Servitor, as if things could not get worse. Just like the boss himself, Servitor is also immune to damage; however, Shanks still come in handy.

Keep repeating the process of using the Shanks to bomb the hell out of both the Fang enemies, take care of Servitor first. Try to keep the fight as short as possible, otherwise, you risk Silent Fang summoning up Servitor again and lengthening the fight.

For maximum damage, go for weapons that are very powerful in close proximity. Right off the top of my mind, you can use shotguns or even rifles which have a good fire-rate and damage potential.

Lastly, you may want to take on this fight along with a friend for the best results. It is wise to share after all unless you want to be crushed by the Destiny 2 Forsaken Silent Fang.