Beware: Asus RTX 2070 Cards Come In 2 Different Versions With Different Overclocking Potential

Asus RTX 2070 cards are going to be coming out soon and reports will have us believe that the cards are going to be announced in October. The Asus RTX 2070 cards are going to follow soon after and while we do not have a release date, they will surely be coming out before the end of the year. Having that said, there is something that you should be aware of before you head out to buy one.

We recently talked about how there are 2 Nvidia Turing cores and how one of them would have better performance and overclocking headroom. This is the A-variant and as compared to the non-A version, it will be able to deliver better performance. The A variant has also been spotted in the naming scheme of the Asus RTX 2070 and there is an O-variant as well. This is very interesting indeed.

So basically there are going to be 2 versions of the same model graphics card and they will perform and behave differently. In some cases, there are even 3 variants of the same graphics card. The first example is the ROG STRIX RTX2070 and the different variants are as follows:


While the clock speeds of these graphics cards have not been announced, the basic specs are the same and are as follows:

  • CUDA Cores: 2304
  • Memory: 8GB GDDR6 Memory
  • Memory Bandwidth: 448 GB / s
  • PCIe Interface: 3.0
  • 1 x Native USB Type-C Output
  • 2 x Native HDMI 2.0b Output
  • 2 x Native DisplayPort 1.4

That is not the only card that comes with different variants. The next example is the DUAL RTX2070 and the different variants are as follows:

  • DUAL-RTX2070 O8G
  • DUAL- RTX2070 A8G
  • DUAL RTX2070-8G

We do not have the clock speeds of these graphics cards but the base specs are pretty much the same and they are as follows:

  • CUDA Cores: 2304
  • Memory: 8GB GDDR6 memory
  • Memory bandwidth: 448 GB / s
  • PCIe interface: 3.0
  • 1 x native USB Type-C output
  • 1 x native HDMI 2.0b output
  • 3x native DisplayPort 1.4

When we get the clock speeds of these graphics cards I am sure that the A variant will be faster than the rest and once we can test them out, I am certain that the A variants will also be able to overclock higher than the rest of the models.

The Asus RTX 2070 models are pretty similar to the Asus RTX 2080 and Asus RTX 2080 Ti models. They are also using the same coolers so it will be interesting to see the kind of performance the Asus RTX 2070 will be able to provide compared to the reference design model as well as the other custom models. There is also going to be a Turbo model which you can check out below:

Asus RTX 2070

Let us know what you think about the Asus RTX 2070 and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these graphics cards when they come out in the upcoming few weeks.