10 Leaked Arkham Insurgency Details You Should Know

If anyone remembers last year there was one massive leak which suggested that the next Batman could be Arkham Insurgency. However, no details about the game were revealed and since then fans have been relying on a thin piece of thread.

Such a long wait has been adding to the overall anticipation of the game and that is why we are bringing you 10 of most interesting details about Arkhan Insurgency, which most of the fans would kill for, at this point.

Starting off, these details come in the form of leaks similar to the big one that revealed this game in the first place. Although these have been gathered from various platforms, so bear in mind that they might not be too accurate.

Arkham Insurgency will be using the Arkham Knight Game Engine:

It seems to be that WB Montreal will be using the same game engine, used in Arkham Knight in Insurgency. It has been now over 4 years since Insurgency came into development. This allowed the company to use Rocksteady’s engine to pour out the best effect.

Roger Craig Smith & Troy Baker are back as Batman and Joker:

Based on the leak it seems like Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker will be reprising their lead role, from Arkham Origins. So this leaves out Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

You will get to play as Batman and Robin:

Now for those who have played, they know that one of the best parts in Arkham Knight was being able to team up and do missions, with Batman and Nightwing. It seems like they will be capturing the same vibe but this time it is between Batman and Robin. So you will be able to bust those combo moves once again, in tag team specials. How much will the players be able to swap is currently unknown.

Joker is coming back:

As the story of Insurgency is based on the Arkham Asylum and Blackgate prison’s greatest villains breaking loose once again. So we all know when they break free, who among them would be aiming to destroy Gotham? The Joker and so he is back.

Proper Boss Battles are back:

Some of the ruddiest horrible battles were the boss battles in Arkham Knight, based on a leak it seems like there will actually be a proper boss battle in Arkham Insurgency. Nothing like we have seen before.

It is set in ‘Coastal Area’ of Gotham:

It may be something that most of the fans might vehemently dislike, still, it will be a new take to the forever-damp and neon based traditional Gotham, we have previously seen.

Batmobile’s tank mode has been removed:

A sigh of relief, finally WB Montreal is utilizing the opportunity to get rid of one of the most hated parts of Arkham Knight. Those irritating monotonous tank battles are gone.

The leak states,

The Batmobile is in the game, but it’s been changed. There’s no more battle mode but the controls have been modified to compensate. The combat mostly consists of chase sequences and using the Batmobile’s superior speed and maneuverability to navigate around slower opponents while bombing the hell out of them with the car’s weaponry.

Still minimal civilians:

Well, this one is more of a speculation based on a leak, which reads, that “the main playable area”, “populated by villains and criminals” with “a whole heap of trapped civilians that Batman and Robin will need to rescue.”

From this what we can deduce is that we will still be getting a similar version of Gotham like before, where the civilians life is poorly represented.

A Roster Of additional villains:

You read that right, alongside the Court of Owls, Owlman and Joker, a lot of notable villains have been added, some of which will definitely touch some emotional stings, of the Batman fans.

They include;

  • Maxie Zeus
  • Dollmaker
  • Killer Moth
  • Anarky
  • Two-Face
  • Blockbuster
  • Ventriloquist
  • Cornelius Stirk
  • Tweedledee & Tweedledum
  • Dusan al Ghul
  • Mad Monk
  • Dala
  • The Riddler

Hugo Strange DLC:

Last but not the least, Batman Insurgence will be featuring a sizeable DLC, which shall be focusing completely on Hugo Strange. There is a huge possibility that this DLC will focus on the most often asked question, “Just how the hell did Strange know Bruce was Batman in the first place?”

So these are the 10 leaked Arkham Insurgency details that you should know about. With all that said, since these are leaks and not actual confirmation, so do not rely too much on them.