More Colorblind Customization Options Coming to Overwatch

Colorblind function is one of the features that work for a lot of people in Overwatch but for most, due to its symptom diversity, it does not seem to work for everyone.

However, now the vice president of Blizzard Entertainment, Jeff Kaplan has shed light on adding more colorblind customization options to Overwatch.

So fans can expect massive changes being introduced in the Overwatch Public Test Realm, which shall allow the players who are colorblind with more detailed options. So they will be able to customize them based on their capacity.

To be honest this is one of the biggest steps the devs are taking, not only is this morally correct but this will also spread the love among colorblind people in the community. Using these options they will be able to play games with even better performances than before.

This new was revealed by Jeff Kaplan in a recent Overwatch Developer update. There he also added that Blizzard has been able to use some of the mechanics from the Overwatch League, to allow players to change colors of opponents that will allow them to considerably differentiate between enemies and allies.

Once again this is a bold step and was a long time coming. Having said that it also shows the considerate take of the devs for their fans. Now only this will serve as a good marketing strategy but on a moral note, it will set an example for developers of other games, to also consider such options for colorblind people.

Overwatch is one of those titles for which Blizzard has always worked hard, be it colorblind customization options or tackling the removal of microtransactions. Blizzard has always shown great potential and has made considerable efforts to not only improve but also enhance, the gaming experience for the whole gaming community.