Can You Play The Guitar Sword In Fallout 76?

Just a little while back Bethesda revealed quite a unique upcoming Fallout 76 weapon. The Guitar Sword, which is very much unlike to other stable entries in the game. Unlike Pipe Rifle or Fatman, this weapon has a nature of peculiarity in it.

What is even more interesting is the fact that when a fan of the community asked over at Twitter that can we play this Guitar Sword, like other instruments. As always, Pete Hines took the lower and trickier path in answering this question.

However, his answer sums up to a “No” in short. He said:

You can play like other Swords, which is to say you can’t

Then he added that “weapons are weapons and musical instruments are musical instruments”. Which is to say that the Guitar Sword in Fallout 76 cannot be played that is for sure.

So those who have been wondering about this newly revealed Guitar Sword, they now have confirmation that no music is getting played from this and that is confirmed.

Having said that Bethesda is all in with this upcoming game that is for sure. They seem to be breaking quite a sweat over this title, from making this game traditionally different compared to other Fallout games to keeping the similarity, with other Fallout games intact.

Like keeping the solo experience similar to Fallout 4 and such. So provided the fact that they are working hard on this title, they also have huge expectations on making this game last not only for long but forever. At least according to Pete Hines.

When asked he said,

Forever. I’m not being ironic. Like, forever.

Now all the hard work and expectations are good an all but bear in mind that Bethesda, also has its fingers crossed with this title that is for sure. In fact, it appears that Bethesda is sometimes afraid of Fallout 76 being a multiplayer experience.

Well, it certainly is an experiment and experiments do have the tendency to go wrong, let us hope that this one does not.