The Next Final Fantasy 15 DLC Is An Expansion In An Abstract Sense, Tabata Says

In a recent interview, Hajime Tabata offered tons of insight on the various aspects regarding the development of Final Fantasy 15. He shared the ideas on which it was built and shed light on the way its story was told.

Same ideas he says are still being carried out in the upcoming second volley of DLC episodes. In fact, Tabata has given quite an interesting take on this upcoming DLC.

His comments on this new DLC that it stand out completely from what most of the fans might be expecting. According to him, this new DLC is a “brand new story”. Which he added that in its literal sense as we know, is more of an expansion on the story which already exists but this expansion is in an abstract sense.

This he said in a big interview conducted by a well-acknowledged journalist Jeremy Parish, which was published over at Polygon.

Tabata prefaced this part about the DLC stating:

There’s still this kind of connection between us and the users. So why not try and create something new based on that need? That’s what we want to do with the next DLCs: create an active relationship with the users. We want to thoroughly secure the story in places where people think there are some pieces missing in the puzzle — we want to alleviate those issues.

Then adding to what they want to create in regards to this next Final Fantasy 15 DLC he said:

We want to build something new with the users, create a different sort of possibility with the direction that the story of Final Fantasy XV could head. That’s something that’s going to be new, and it’s going to be pretty exciting to make. The next DLC will be a brand new story.

With all that said and done, no wonder the sales of Final Fantasy 15 have been able to reach a breathtaking 7.7 million mark. If the devs keep this kind of innovative take over this franchise it will be nailing down even more poles.