Red Dead Redemption 2 Features Most Realistic Shrinking Testicles in Video Games

Although one can argue that this is probably not the kind of detail you wish to hear when talking about how realistic the graphics of Red Dead Redemption 2 are going to be. However gross this may seem it actually validates the quality of detail Rockstar Games wishes to provide to the fans of Red Dead Redemption. Moreover, it is nothing that would gross you out to an extent that ruins your mood to even play the game just like the reference of Donald Trump’s genitals to Mario Kart’s toad did to its fans.

The testicles of a horse are comprehended to shrink in cold weather is more detail than one can ask for in a video game. Nonetheless, if we look at it the right way this opens up possibilities for Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of graphics reliability. Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo told in his preview of the game that Rockstar Games explained to him that the testicles of a horse expand and contract depending on the weather conditions in its surrounding. Other uncomfortable detailings in the game consist of poop also.

Moreover, the interaction system of Red Dead Redemption 2 has also been given detailed attention which allows the players to bond with their horse by teaching it various skills. Perhaps, this is as deep as it gets for an open world of a video game. Although the game does not feature options like GTA’s character swap even though the list of characters in the game is pretty extensive, Rockstar Studios certainly fill that gap with graphics development.

Meanwhile, this details shows that Red Dead Redemption 2 is committed to giving the players as advanced gaming experience as they can. Besides if one day the game comes out for PC as well, it would surely call for the graphics hardware to push their boundaries further ahead.

Apart from the beautiful open world, Rockstar Games have managed to depict more dependability through such details in their graphics.

Source: PCGamesN