Nobuo Uematsu Takes Temporary Break From Composing, Citing Health Issues

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan then you’ve likely heard a number of pieces of Nobuo Uematsu’s work. However, now the Japanese composer has announced that he will temporarily be stopping work in order to address various health issues, which were affecting his ability to work at his full capacity.

Uematsu’s convalescence will also involve him thinking over whether or not it would be possible for him to return to composing, as his disease (which he declined to name) has impacted his ability to act at full capacity. With luck such effects are only temporary and will disappear with rest.

Nobuo Uematsu is the man responsible for Final Fantasy 7’s iconic “One Winged Angel” theme, along with the “Answers” song that ended the first iteration of Final Fantasy 14, alongside many other Final Fantasy soundtracks. He was also responsible for composing the main theme of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Since he’s working on Final Fantasy 7 Remake right now, one can only wonder about how the game will be impacted if he’s unable to return to work. While it might be simple to just re-record his music in bigger and more bombastic ways, one has to wonder if the songs on the game’s soundtrack would be the same without Uematsu’s touch.

Even though the Final Fantasy 7 remake still has nothing approaching a release date (we haven’t even gotten a trailer since its first announcement several years ago), there’s no telling how far into work Nobuo Uematsu was before he had to temporarily stop to focus on his illness, so we might get the entire soundtrack, or just part of it, and that’s not even getting into the possibility of Square Enix getting another composer to redo everything.

Either way, we hope that Nobuo Uematsu makes a full recovery so that he can continue his masterful work.