“Distance Haze” Coming to Battlefield V Maps to Improve Player Visibility

Battlefield V developers are introducing something called “Distance Haze” after players complaints of poor visibility. After Battlefield V beta ended, player feedback flooded the internet and one portion of the audience complained about having a hard time spotting enemies, especially on Rotterdam.

The issue stemmed from extreme weather effects and sometimes general lighting issue. DICE took notice of this and have introduced “Distance Haze.” It is a subtle new feature, here’s what DICE’s multiplayer producer, David Sirland, has to say about it.

We are adding what we called ‘Distance Haze,’ it isn’t a fog and it isn’t there to hide anything. It is actually there to emphasize what’s in front of it. You can see this in play but in extreme form when the heavy fog rolls in at Rotterdam is when you really see people running against it, they are much much wider background. And this is something we will apply to all level but included in the whole visibility package there’s more here. This (Distance Haze) will help in zero to the fifty-meter range.

Distance Haze Off

Distance Haze On

In addition to Distance Haze, there are some lighting changes here and there. It would be interesting to see how these changes adjust with the upcoming RTX features of Battlefield V. Possibility, further adjustments will be needed once RTX is ready to roll out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though, as many other changes are planned and being implemented already.

One of the other major changes is to the Battlefield V attrition system. The system is being modified to give soldiers a bit more independence on the battlefield.

Battlefield V is releasing in November for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: DICE