Days Gone Becomes One of the Most Polished Games at TGS 2018

SIE Bend Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Days Gone has been the talk of the market lately. Especially because of its appearance at TGS 2018, the hype bar has risen above.

For those who do not know, Days Gone is playable at TGS and it appears to be even more polished and refined that we saw before.

A major coverage was done by Gameinformer a little while back that highlighted some aspects of the game. While the game was given quite an appreciation even then, there were a few things that fans were skeptical about.

However, all of those doubts and ambiguities can now be put to rest as seeing this game being playable, at TGS 2018 has rectified all of those concerns. The game looks even more amazing form the last time we saw.

When we say that it seems more refined and polished, we just don’t mean it in the form of visual aspect alone. Its mechanical aspects also seem to be more polished.

A game writer and a tech, Tokyo Hunter, had the privilege of playing this game the TGS version that is and according to him, it is just stunning.

Hunter took to his Twitter account and shared his thoughts.

Then he further added that compared to what we all know and have seemed so far, the game has exceeded expectations. It looks more polished.

Now, rather we go on to say that this is it, he did not reveal much, it would be wrong because he was generous enough to shed light on some pros and cons of this game demo.

Talking about the pros he said that cutscenes have greatly improved graphics and voice acting. Moreover, he added that the crafting system is pretty neat. In fact, he shared that you can actually combine supplies to create even deadlier weapons, like spiked baseball bats and such.

Which tells us a lot about the creative aspects of the game. About stealth, he adds that it is pretty satisfying, which seems to suggest that he is not too happy with the stealth, however, he does think that it is up to the mark. Last but not the least, expect a lot of Freakers.

When he talked about cons, the only thing he added was the fact that Deacon still looks funny when he runs. Plus he also added that Deacon doesn’t do much that we have not seen already.

All in all, there is a lot of promise by Sony but nothing Sony has not done before.