BioShock’s Director Ken Levine Apologizes for Naked Boss Battle

BioShock’s Director Ken Levine who has worked on games like BioShock and Bioshock Infinite went on Twitter to apologize to the fans on one of the holiest days for Judaism and that is Yom Kippur. It’s the day when everyone offers prayers, fast and even apologises which Ken chose to do regarding the final game boss of BioShock.

Now, this apology is coming after 7 years of the original release of BioShock and its ending was criticised by many people and after a decade finally, he’s apologising to the fans. Spoiler alert below if you haven’t played the game already.

Now we don’t know whether Ken was seriously apologizing or was just playing with the fans. Now keeping that aside, fans are still expecting to know what the future holds like for the BioShock franchise and when we will get a new game in the series.

Since BioShock Collection in 2016, we haven’t got a new game and the fans are desperately waiting but there have been reports that a new BioShock game is works which came from Kotaku who revealed that the studio is secretly working on an unannounced BioShock game giving all the hope the fans want.

BioShock made a name for itself and is considered one of the best games ever so it’s definitely time for the team to maybe confirm if we are closer to any new game or not.

Well, when it comes to apologizing, Ken should apologize for that unfinished PS Vita version of the game which they announced but it never made it to the console.

Now other than that, a BioShock easter egg has just been found after 10 years and it was revealed by of the developers of the game who also gave a step by step guide how to find it.

Other than the game, Guillermo del Toro has indeed shown interest that he wants to do a BioShock movie and if he’s given a chance he will definitely do it so why not.

If you haven’t already then you should play the game now as BioShock is now available to play on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.