Battlefield V Attrition Getting “Key Changes” After Player Feedback

The Battlefield V Attrition system is getting to accommodate some key changes based on player feedback. According to EA DICE, the community reaction was mixed but the majority wanted tweaks to adjust the game’s attrition system.

While the polarizing feedback didn’t help much, they did manage to nail down some elements fans wanted to be changed.

Daniel Berlin (Franchise Producer): In general, I would say that the direction we are going with attrition right now toward launch is that certain weapons, not all weapons, will more starting ammunition on spawn and will have more ammo capacity, meaning the maximum ammo you can carry. And we are also looking into having every soldier spawn with the pouch for self-heal. But that is only a one time use, so if you use it once you get a new one from a medic or pick it up from a resupply station.

Speaking on resupply stations, they are also making changes to the way they are prebuilt on the map, keeping in tone with giving out a med pack to everyone. Prebuilt stations will be placed closer to HQ’s and adjacent to objective points as well.

But players can build on these stations and gain XP whenever someone uses the station, so there is a good incentive to building stations. These changes were made based on data gathered from the beta. It became clear most players aren’t interested in building these stations which affected the entire team in a negative manner.

They have also made changes to player visibility after many complaints about hard to see enemies, especially on Rotterdam. They are adding something called Distance Haze to Battlefield V.

Battlefield V is releasing in November on consoles and PC after being delayed from October.

Source: DICE