One of the Biggest Streamers in the World Slams PUBG, Shifting to Blackout

Guy Beahm aka DrDisRespect is considered as one of the biggest streamers of all time and who’s most famously known for playing Battle Royale games like PUBG and H1Z1 these days. Interestingly, it looks like it’s going to change as he has been seen playing Black ops 4 Blackout a lot and now he’s shifting from PUBG.

DrDisRespect has played a lot of PUBG and he’s always in news, last year we saw him getting banned from PUBG after killing his own teammate because PUBG has a strict no-teamkilling policy.

Now that’s not the case why he’s shifting from PUBG but it is due to the fact that he liked playing Black Ops 4 Blackout more and even referred to PUBG as a “Hack” which is disappointing as it’s been here for much longer.

Now you have to agree with that because since its launch PUBG has faced a lot of issues regarding seamless hackers, annoying bugs and graphics lag which has kept it from reaching the success everyone hoped for.

Throughout the Beta, DrDisRespect played a lot of matches and managed to get many wins but in the video above from Twitch, you can hear him say how weird it feels getting downed in PUBG as compared to be downed in Blackout because it felt normal.

DrDisRespect went on to praise Blackout and in the start of one of his streams, while playing PUBG, he said “three more weeks of this f—ing game” and told everyone how much he hates PUBG. Now those three weeks is until Black Ops 4 launches and it’s clear indication that he’ll be shifting to a better game which is going to be an achievement for Treyarch.

Now it’s not just him, as most of the people had a positive response after playing Blackout and it won’t surprise you now as Blackout had more peak viewers on Twitch as compared to Fortnite. Now that’s a big achievement. Blackout managed to achieve peak viewers of 586,000 in just 7 days while being in beta and we can’t wait to try it out when it releases on October 12, 2018.

Now as for the bad part regarding Blackout, Treyarch has promised to fix issues such as Armor just before it ships worldwide which will make the game more fun to everyone and definitely will be liked more by DrDisRespect than ever.