Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Overclocked To 2.4 GHz, 17 Gbps Takes Top Spot In 3DMark Benchmarks

It was a matter of time before overclockers started to overclock the Nvidia RTX GPUs and PC enthusiasts have wasted no time in overclocking the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti to its limits.

Overclocker “KINGPIN” is the one to overclock the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti using the EVGA Precision X1 overclocking tool. The overclocker managed to push the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti to 2415 MHz which is 2.4 GHz using LN2 as a cooling solution.

For comparison sake, at stock cooling, the GPU managed to reach 2100 MHz or 2.1 GHz. However, KINGPIN didn’t just stop there but also pushed the GDDR6 memory to its limits.

The Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti features 11 GB of GDDR6 VRAM and the overclocker managed to push the memory to 17 Gbps which at stock features a clock speed of 14 Gbps.

The overclocker not only managed to overclock the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti but also managed to take the top spot in all of the 3DMark benchmarks.

As for the system, the overclocker used Intel Core i9-7980XE clocked at 5.5 GHz for all 18 cores with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and EVGA X299 Dark motherboard.

Speaking of Nvidia, the company has introduced the Nvidia OC Scanner which is a tool to automatically overclock GPUs with results that Nvidia claims will be stable in 99% of the games.

Not only that, the tool allows users to see what will be the highest clock speed they will achieve with a specific voltage. The Nvidia OC Scanner will be part of a number of overclocking utilities including the MSI Afterburner, ASUS GPU Tweak, EVGA Precision X1 and more.

Furthermore, Nvidia has also noted that both RTX GPUs and GTX 10 series GPUs will co-exist till 2019. The reason for Nvidia to continue with the GTX 10 series GPUs is due to that fact that the company has quite a lot of stock for the Pascal GPUs.

Also, reports have been circulating that even RTX 2080 Ti is struggling to play games at 1080p/60 FPS with RTX enabled like Metro Exodus, Battlefield V, Shadow Of the Tomb Raider and more.

Source: Tweaktown