Nintendo 64 Mini Launch Might be Near, A New Patent Reveals

It looks like soon we will have a competition among the past consoles soon as PlayStation already took a step further and recently revealed PlayStation Classic. But that’s not all as rumors are now more than ever that Nintendo 64 Mini might make a return soon too.

This doesn’t sound untrue since Nintendo has already relaunched their miniature versions of NES and Super Nintendo, so launching Nintendo 64 sounds all true. However this Nintendo 64 was discovered last week when a European trademark filing from Nintendo revealed that the mini console is finally it works.

What’s the most interesting thing about the filing is an image which you can take a look at below and it shows the famous video game joystick which seems clearly like the outline of the Nintendo 64 gamepad. More interestingly, the stylized design has also appeared on the packaging of Nintendo’s other classic consoles.

It’s been some time since we got a new classic console from Nintendo, thus many believe that Nintendo 64 might finally be on its way and with the recent patent, we are wondering that too. As for the rumors, last year we saw that Nintendo filed a trademark application for the Nintendo 64 controller.

It’s pretty obvious that people want to have it back as earlier this year we saw that hackers emulated Nintendo 64 games to work on Switch allowing it to run some old fan favourite games on the latest Nintendo console.

There was also one time when Nintendo 64 emulator was available on Xbox One but it was pulled back destroying the dreams of all of Nintendo fans.

Other than Nintendo, well if you are a fan of classics then you should surely check out PlayStation Classic which is a PlayStation One Mini and it comes pre-loaded with 20 games and with HDMI connectivity to allow you to play your favourite games once again and with two controllers.

These are all rumours and nothing has been officially confirmed by Nintendo so we can wait and watch how it all goes down but we are sure if it happens, Nintendo 64 will be definitely a success.

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