So Much for Online Security, Nintendo Online Hacked Already

The battle continues between Nintendo and hackers as just after 24 hours of its release, NES Switch Online has already been hacked and it’s not that much hard to do according to hackers so take notice Nintendo.

This was revealed by a YouTuber DevRiv who uploaded a video showing how he ran Battletoads Rom along with other custom ROMS. It’s not incredibly hard to do and we are sure that soon you will get to know detailed instructions on how to get it done.

You can watch another video below to see another guy doing it and how he thought that it’s silly the way Nintendo advertised it as their one of the biggest features as these games were all a just quick port of existing emulators with some ROMs.

Nintendo has faced many issues regarding hacking and how the company has attempted to stop it by banning accounts and filing against ROM sites has been somewhat controversial.

With this new service, Nintendo brought cloud saves which also came with a twist by being limited to some games but funny thing is that it was done to prevent hacking but that doesn’t seem to be the case here anymore.

This raises a lot of questions for Nintendo as almost everyone will be pretty disappointed with the amount of money they are going to pay to play online. As for the price, surely it’s lesser than as compared to of PSN or Xbox Live. You can get a one-month subscription for $3.99 USD or $19.99 USD for a year but this also results in limited features.

Just like PSN and Xbox Live, at least cloud saves should be compatible with all games and we don’t see giants like Sony and Microsoft having any issues with that so what’s the case with Nintendo? We don’t know yet.

Now as for if it’s worth it or not, definitely not if you care about your console or don’t want to get banned but for someone who’s always taking risks or loves hacking, Nintendo seems to be an easy target but it also questions the online security of Nintendo for Switch users which might prevent the community for spending further.